Danella Carpet Edge

How to Buy

All Customers

Customers can choose between the following:

1) Buy locally:
If you prefer to shop locally please check if one of our wholesalers on the list of contacts are nearby. If you are from a Scandinavian country you can contact the local Danish Sales office (Sussi Lunden)

List of Contacts

2) International Sales.
Quick and tracked worldwide shipping from our Etsy shop. For distributor, wholesale, or general enquiries contact Anthony Lee anthony@danella.dk

Danella Etsy Shop

Custom Order

If you cannot find what you are looking for please email us. anthony@danella.dk


If you are new in rug-hooking, you have to know the following: There are a few things you need before you can get started:

1) The Danella Rug Tufting Needle,
2) A Stretching Frame,
3) A piece of canvas and
4) some yarn.

Our Contacts in the World

We are in need of people in the world that would like to teach and interact with Danella. Danella is a good evening class subject. You can get your name on our Danella List of Contacts if you start an activity in this direction. Feel free to contact Anthony Lee if you find the opportunity interesting. If you are planning a workshop or a rug hooking / tufting gathering please register/share it on our facebook group for people to join.