Danella Carpet Edge

How to Buy

Retail Customers

Retail customers other than from the Scandinavian countries, should contact Lena Dyrdal Andersen through our webshop on Etsy called DanellaShop. If you prefer to shop locally please check if one of our wholesellers on the list of contacts are nearby.

Orders can be placed Our equipment and materials are presently available on this new web shop:


Here you can pay with both credit card and paypal.

Custom Order

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the web shop please email either the shop or Lena Dyrdal Andersen to set up a buy box in the shop so you can buy from it. We prefer to have it this way since we prefer to showcase items that people have an interest in. Hence you will not be obligated to make a purchase as you have only asked for a price. Remember we have more than 200 kits; there is a collection of them in our catalogues.


If you are new in rug-hooking, you have to know the following: There are a few things you need before you can get started:

1) The Danella Rug Hooking tool,
2) A Stretching Frame,
3) A piece of canvas and
4) some yarn.


The wholesale prices can be obtained from Sussi Lunden or Lena Dyrdal Andersen. Email address and postal address. Bulk orders can be placed by Retail Handicraft Shops and by Instructors running classes. Please ask for a bulk order form to be sent to you by post or by email.

Our Contacts in the World

We are in need of people in the world that would like to trade, teach and interact with Danella. Danella is a good evening class subject. You can get your name on our Danella List of Contacts if you start activity in this direction. Feel free to send an email or call Lena Dyrdal Andersen if you find the opportunity interesting. If you are planning a workshop or evening class we can help, you advertise it here on our site.