Danella Carpet Edge

DIY Pouch Project

Pouch for Danella Hooking Tool

You can sew your own pouch for your Danella Needle.

This pattern for a holster style pouch can be downloaded here for free. There is a draft in the link below that you can download and print on A3-paper. And then you can cut the paper along the edge of the pattern and use that for cutting out the textile. You can measure the measure that is on the drawing if it fits. The lenght should 380 in mm's.The one you see on the right is made out of a little leather bag I found in a second hand shop. It was my first model. It is the plan to use the sleeve as a better case for the tool than a box. It was hard work to make all the holes for sewing the edges. The new pattern has actually a little less stitching nescessary.The pattern is in PDF-format that you can see before you decide to print it.

DIY Pouch pattern (PURSE)